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The Most Immersive 360° Stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality production


360° Stereo 3D Virtual Reality production

Professional 360° VR Filming

Farsight Live Monitoring
360 VR live streaming
FlowState™ Stabilization
CrystalView 8K Playback
8K 3D VR
Fastest "stiching" process
HDR Video + Photo
Spherical Audio

Farsight 360° Live Monitoring

We control our VR cameras in real time from afar.

High resolution

1080P real-time preview

Long range

Up to 300m ground-to-ground and 1km ground-to-air

Smooth and reliable

5.18GHz signal cuts through the noise

No long waiting stitching.

No wait.

Just start your experience.


Premium 360 Live Streaming Camera

Easy and reliable VR live streaming.

8K 30fps*
VR live streaming
Simultaneous Recording
Playback in post in full 8K quality
Diverse Protocols



Live streaming has never been easier. Stream at 4K 30fps with SUPASTAR VR Live in-camera stitching directly to Facebook, YouTube and other supported VR live streaming platforms.


Turn SUPASTAR VR Live into an 8K 360 live streaming camera with an Insta360 8K Live software license. Supports SDI output and real-time dynamic stitching with an external server.

*License required

In-Camera HDR

Capture the world as we see it.

HDR comparison



120Mbps-per-lens Bitrate

Every detail. In every direction.

Bitrate comparison

Low bitrate

High bitrate




Onboard Spherical Audio Capture

Hear it like you’re there.

Four built-in mics capture full-sphere Ambisonic audio




Virtual Reality sound

Plays nice with your mic.

Purpose-built mounting points for professional 360 VR camera audio tools



Built-In GPS.

No more GPS accessories
Top-mounted antenna strengthens signal and
improves accuracy

CrystalView 8K Playback

Deliver what we really shot.


Why use a professional 8K 360 camera if your viewers are using a headset or smartphone that can only render 4K? New CrystalView player solves this problem. It lets viewers watch 8K 360 video in full quality on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, and mainstream iOS and Android phones.

CrystalView 8K Playback

Clear and crisp. Any way you look at it.

CrystalView works by converting your 8K 360 camera footage into a specially segmented sphere. When a viewer plays it back in this format, their device will render exactly the area of the scene they’re looking at–in full 8K quality–adapting in real time as they look around.


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